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Game Director


Audio and Art Director

We focus on

Entertainment as a Foundation Games can be more than entertainment, but only when being entertainment first.
Small Games Delivering Big Get rid of excess to make room for a focus on the core experience.
Gameplay Driven Design That's what we know and love.
Teaching Gameplay Respectfully Respect the players skill level for an individual and fun experience.

I am

Julian Höltge, founder of Byting Games, living in Germany. I make games since I can remember. It started on paper with card and board games until I discovered that anything can come to life with the power of code. I was hooked. Spending more time creating video games than playing them. I love every aspect of game development - that's why I work in small teams where everyone plays a big part. Be it in game jams or bigger projects. The idea of minimalism, ridding oneself of the superfluous to focus on the essential, is very dear to me. I strive to apply it, not only in my games.

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We got funded!

We are very happy to announce, that we are getting funds for developing the concept and prototype of our project Skatepark Escalation.

Financially supported by FFF Bayern and sponsored by the Bavarian State Ministry for Digital Affairs.

Sponsored by Bavarian State Ministry for Digital Affairs