Space is Key

Turn Based Strategy

After seeing no end to these alien portals spawning in your ship, you realize... It's just a matter of time to use your last resort: Self destruction. But we still have time..
To have some fun crushing aliens!

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Made with Zachi , KoraktorXV , Bertsz and Bernhard

Released: 24.04.18

Puzzle Platformer

Play every character simultaneously and reunite them
in mind boggling 100 level

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Released: 04.09.17

Survival Horror

Awakened by hunger you find yourself in a dark mine.
Soon after hearing some eerie whispering you realize,
that starvation isn't the only cause
for your survival instincts...

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Released: 23.01.17

Command Line Hero

Text Adventure Shooter

Control the player by typing your desired action into the console. Use your mind, a bit of timing and typing skills.
Made for Ludum Dare 41 Game Jam.

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Made with Bertsz , Leander Gebhardt and Joseph

Released: 24.04.18

Heavy Heist

Stealth, Highscore

Loot a bank full of coins and throw them at the police on your way out. The more you have, the worse it is.
Made for Ludum Dare 40 Game Jam.

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Made with Leander Gebhardt and Bertsz

Released: 04.12.17

Julian Höltge
Indie Game Developer, Student

I make games since I can remember, started on paper and continued with programming crazy stuff, because I love doing it.

I focus on minimalism and combining simple mechanics to express them to their full extent.

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Released: 1997

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